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Summer 2015

Though agencies see security advantages in adopting cloud services, DOD, NIST and FedRAMP continue efforts to further enhance cloud security.


DISA expands its relationship with the National Information Assurance Partnership to test mobile devices and other technologies for use by agencies across DOD.

Agencies embrace a hybrid approach so they can reap the benefits of cloud while increasing security.

The list of available tools is long, but they all work together to ensure power doesn’t go to waste.


Research based on interviews with 302 public sector cybersecurity leaders suggests that better use of data analytics would improve cyberdefense. The findings:

86%: Mining Big Data can improve IT security.
76%: IT teams tend to be reactive rather than proactive.
61%: Better data could help detect breaches.
51%: Agencies would monitor threats in real time if possible.
49%: Data should be used to perform post-attack reviews.

“No matter what you do, the most important thing is to focus on the experience of the end user. Everything else is just a detail about the process for achieving that.”

The National Security Agency is working on a new website to streamline its hiring process, partnering with other intelligence agencies on a data-centric approach.

The site will administer exams to would-be applicants and then create reports about job candidates for hiring managers, says Kathy Hutson, NSA’s human resources director.